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This issue contains a wide variety of information about recent performances, articles on aspects of Bruckner's works and their reception, and news of current and future events which will be of interest to Brucknerians. 

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The Bruckner Journal is published three times a year, in March, July and November - since 1997 - and is available by subscription only.


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This is a wonderful opportunity for Brucknerians to meet together in pleasant surroundings, hear papers from leading scholars in the field and from other Bruckner enthusiasts. As with the Journal itself, non-academic music lovers need not be intimidated and can be sure they will find a friendly welcome and much to enjoy, to think about and discuss.



In Memorium: Georg Tintner David Suffolk

Book: Bruckner und die Nachwelt, Christa Brüstle Crawford Howie

Ignaz Dornand His Music Elisabeth Maier

Franz Schalk and Bruckner's Fifth Symphony David H. Aldeborgh

The 5th Symphony Revised by Schalk: A Revaluation Takeo Noguchi

Bruckner, Franz Schalk and the Fifthe Symphony Dermot Gault

Bruckner's "Fantastic" Symphony Peter Palmer

Vol. 4/2

Wyn Morris Colin Anderson

The Royale Bruckner Third Mark Kluge

Reflections of Symphony No. "0" Raymond Cox

Bruckner's Late Letters Andrea Harrandt

1999 Bruckner Marathon, Carlsbad CA Ramôn Khalona

Vol. 4/3

Book: Bruckner Symphony No. 8, Benjamin Korstvedt Julian Horton

Book: Bruckner-Probleme, Albrecht Riethmüller Peter Palmer

Reflections on the Symphonies (conclusion) Raymond Cox

Bruckner's Ninth Symphony as a Completed Whole Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

Hindemith's Bruckner


Vol. 5/1

Spohr and Bruckner Keith Warsop

"Brucknerathon" 2000, Carlsbad CA Ramon Khalona & David Griegel

Linz Bruckner Festival 2000 Franz Zamazal

Vol. 5/2

Book: Anton Bruckner Chronologie, Franz Scheder Peter Palmer

Book: Reviving the Muse, ed. Peter Davison Peter Palmer

Obit: ErichSchmid Raymond Cox

The Bruckner Journal Conference, 2001 Michael Piper

Bruckner's Symphony No. 3: Chronolgy & Mahler's Involvement Crawford Howie

Music & Ideology: Thoughts on Bruckner Leon Botstein

Vol. 5/3

Book: Bruckner-Tagung Wien 1999, ed. Elisabeth Maier Crawford Howie

Incredible Harmonies: Stanislaw Skrowaczewski talks to B-G Cohrs

Bruckner's Symphony No. 3 (conclusion) Crawford Howie

Austerity v. Charm: Bruckner Revisions in I & IV David H. Aldeborgh


Vol. 6/1

Obit: Takashi Asahina Dermot Gault and Colin Anderson

Book: Verborgene Persönlichkeit, ed. Elisabeth Maier Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

Book: Weltliche Chorwerke (1843-93), ed. A. Pachovsky Crawford Howie

Bruckner in Somerset Jerome Curran

2001 Bruckner Marathon, Carlsbad CA Ramon Khalona & David Griegel

Who Wrote the Third Version of Bruckner's Third Symphony? Dermot Gault

Vol. 6/2

Memoir: Günther Wand Mark Audus

Book: Perspectives, ed. C. Howie/P. Hawkshaw/T. Jackson Dermot Gault

Gmuden Conference, 4-7 October 2001 Rainer Boss

The "Wagner Symphony" on Stage William Carragan

Vol. 6/3

Bruckner in New York: The 1964-65 Philharmonic Cycle Mark Kluge

Bruckner's Cosmic Musical Backround in Relation to the Zodiac Raymond Cox

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